George Powell
1st Degree Black Belt

George Powell
1st Degree Black Belt


How did you get into Judo?
I got into Judo through my dentist who would always try to get me to try it in high school. I eventually walked into Portland Judo and the rest is history.

What would you tell your white belt self?
Don’t try to be a righty and a lefty. Being good at one side is better than being mediocre at both.

Favorite Technique
Kouchi Gari, it’s a cool footsweep when done right.

Favorite Memory of Portland Judo
Probably all the amazinger races, Roy and Karen are geniuses with setting up scavenger hunts.

Other Stuff

Favorite Restaurant
“So Good Taste Noodle House” with “Marukin Ramen” in a close second.

My name is George, but you’ll hear people call me Hollywood in the dojo. Why Hollywood? Senseis’ Andy and Matt know the answer.